Behind Bars: How Maci Told Her Son About Ryan's Arrest On 'Teen Mom OG'

After breaking the news, the mom of three said she's 'scared' for Bentley

Maci's Teen Mom OG season began with a plan to meet with Ryan following his three-month rehab stay. But the mother of three never got the chance to see Bentley's father: Ryan was arrested during tonight's episode (the incident was not featured on the long-running series, but his mug shot and breaking news headlines were shown).

"The news is out," a defeated Maci told Taylor (Ryan was taken into custody for theft because of an unpaid bar tab and heroin possession from an outstanding warrant). "The fact that he's already had what seems like five thousand chances, you can't afford to make petty mistakes. You don't have that luxury anymore."

Maci's most important task at hand: how to tell her son about his dad's latest serious setback. Taylor stressed that it had to come from Maci in case Bentley heard it from someone else. Maci's producer Jeni then asked the couple how they planned to broach the difficult conversation.

"[It will] definitely be at home -- definitely alone and no cameras," Maci explained. "I think this will be the first time that he had his hopes up, and even if it is small, it's kind of like a slap in the face. The first thing he's going to ask me is, 'Was it drugs?'"

After Maci spoke with Bentley about his dad (without the MTV crew present), she recapped the mother-son chat to her friend Keelie.


"Imagine how hard it would be to tell your f*cking child that," she stated. "But Bentley's not four anymore, he understands. It's natural to forget, to forgive, move on especially when it comes to parents. But I'm angry for him because he's a child. If you thought I would bite your head off for me, then you have no idea what I will do for my son."

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