Jay-Z Gun Possession Case Delayed

Lawyers on both sides waiting to see if grand jury indicts rapper, DA's office said.

Jay-Z won't have to deal with a gun possession charge stemming from an April arrest until at least October 16, a judge said Tuesday.

The rapper had been scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday, but the case will be delayed until October while lawyers on both sides wait to see if a grand jury indicts Jay-Z on the charge, according to a spokesperson for the Manhattan district attorney's office.

Jay-Z was arrested April 13 when police pulled over his car after allegedly seeing his bodyguard, Hamza Hewitt, retrieve a gun from its front seat. Police allegedly found the gun in Hewitt's waistband, and as New York law allows, all occupants of the car were charged with gun possession.

The rapper entered a plea of not guilty on the charge and told reporters that he is "100 percent innocent" after a judge set bail at $10,000 (see [article id="1442816"]"Jay-Z Says He's '100 Percent Innocent' After Arraignment"[/article]). Hewitt and the other occupants of the car, music-industry executive Tyran Smith and limo company owner Romero Chambers, also entered pleas of not guilty and are awaiting grand jury action.

Jay-Z is due in court July 16 on charges that he stabbed record executive Lance "Un" Rivera during a nightclub dispute.

The case — in which Jay-Z has maintained his innocence — is scheduled to go to trial on that date. Jay-Z's lawyer, Murray Richman, said Monday that he expects the start date to be pushed back again (see [article id="1444511"]"Jay-Z Assault Case Postponed Until Mid-July"[/article]).

Jay-Z's lawyers have suggested that his April arrest was the result of ongoing police surveillance of the rapper. New York police have acknowledged they have begun keeping tabs on the city's rappers but said that Jay-Z's arrest was not part of that effort (see [article id="1443028"]"New York Police Gang Unit Targets Hip-Hop Community"[/article]).

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