Josh Peck Had A Picture-Perfect Reunion With His 'Drake & Josh' Dad

Hug me, father!

UPDATE (2/7/17, 10:39 a.m. ET): It turns out Josh Peck actually didn't find the REAL Walter, based on a new video from Drake Bell. There appears to be a Walter impersonator on the loose. Look out, Bruce Winchell.


For over a month, Drake Bell's been reuniting with several Drake & Josh stars to help find his “missing” dad, Walter (Jonathan Goldstein). There've been several videos with some fun celeb cameos, but fans noticed that Josh Peck wasn't out “looking” for his own TV dad.

He doesn't need to, considering he already “found” him in the San Fernando Valley. Peck shared a super cute pic on Instagram Wednesday (February 1) of his reunion with everyone's favorite weatherman, Bruce Winchell Walter Nichols. “Found em! #thatwaseasy,” he captioned. Goldstein posted a close-up pic of the duo, joking, “Me and Josh wondering where's Walter.”

Thankfully, this reunion didn't seem to include any uncontrollable twitching and sweating, cumin-related allergic reactions, or being attacked by a vicious dog named Tiberius. It's the little things in life, right? While we love the pic, we're still waiting for the inevitable video of Drake and Josh working together to find Walter. You know it's coming and I know (hope) it's coming. Drake & Josh will never die — though Walter might if the boys don't “find” him soon.

Until then, we'll always have this glorious GIF to tide us over.


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