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Jon Bellion Fights For Love In 'Carry Your Throne' Video

The singer's album 'The Definition' drops on September 23.

The last video from Jon Bellion, "Simple and Sweet," which dropped last month, was a cinematic experience for the viewer -- the singer bounces between belting his song in the snow and backed by fire light. His latest visual, "Carry Your Throne," is equally aesthetically gripping.

Set in sort of desolate forest, there's a fight -- presumably for love -- with a bit of a medieval vibe.

"The record was produced and recorded in an actual castle cathedral in France," the singer told Complex. "Live orchestration and all. Me and award-winning country producer Chris DeStefano looked at each other after the final playback and just hysterically laughed for about an hour. We knew how progressive and incredible this sh-- was."

This is the third single from his upcoming album, The Definition, which drops on September 23.

The Visionary Music Group signee is also heading out on The Beautiful Mind Tour beginning in October.