Kristen Stewart Faced One Of Her Greatest Fears To Bring 'Underwater' To Life

'I'm really scared of the water'

Talk about dedication to her craft: Kristen Stewart faced one of her greatest fears to bring us the water-based horror flick Underwater.

As it turns out, the Charlie's Angels actress is terrified of water. Unfortunately, that's exactly what her latest project is centered on. Being the indomitable professional she is, however, Stewart was able to get over her fear of water to bring us what looks to be one of her most harrowing on-screen thrill rides yet.

"I'm really scared of the water," she told Us Weekly during an Underwater fan screening in Los Angeles.

"I’ve never done anything that I thought was going [to be] super easy or comfy," she said of her role in the film. "So it makes sense that I chose this. But, like, in a literal sense, it’s ridiculous that I did this movie. Like, really ridiculous."

Stewart appears as Norah Price in Underwater, a researcher who finds herself trapped in a lab 11,000 meters below sea level after an earthquake destroys their only means of escape. They're forced to head out into the sea with little oxygen in a bid to escape, but something sinister lurks beneath the surface. It's scary enough without being afraid of water, so Stewart was up for quite the challenge.

"It was not fun. I hated it," Stewart said of the experience as a whole. "I would usually not be allowed to say that. Cause you’re like, ‘Oh no, highlight the good parts at least.’ It’s a horror movie. It was awful. It was really hard. I was scared the whole time." All of that fear Stewart felt while filming will hopefully translate to the big screen with a tense, terrifying performance to delight audiences.

Underwater is slated to hit theaters on Friday, January 10, so we'll all find out then.

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