Which Iconic Movie Girl Squad Are You And Your Friends? [QUIZ]

An ideal movie squad for everyone!

There have been countless movies displaying the might and beauty that is a strong bond of girl-friendship. And while we all have sat and admired those movie friendships and designated each of our own crew as members of the ones we see, it’s time to find out once and for all which movie crew best represents our squad.

Are we defined by our cool factor and, thus are Mean Girls' "The Plastics," or by our chill mentality, relegating us to be the "Pitch Perfect" posse? No matter what the friend group, one thing’s for certain: We definitely love our respective squads, no matter what.

But it's still fun to figure out who best explains what our squad is like on the silver screen. So take the quiz below and find out which girl squad is most like you and your friends.