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'Pitch Perfect 3' Is Officially Happening, But Who In The Cast Will Return?

When "Pitch Perfect 2" broke hella box office bank last month, you had to figure that Universal Pictures would want to bring the Barden Bellas back -- and as of today (June 10), MTV News is thrilled to report that you were right, pitches!

The Hollywood Reporter confirms that Kay Cannon, who wrote the first two films, is already on board for a "PP3." However, no cast or director -- this time around, Elizabeth Banks did both -- has been revealed as of press time.

On that topic, THR also reports that Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson made $2 million each for "Pitch Perfect 2," which cost $29 million to make -- so if either of them were to come back, they'd cost a pretty penny. However, the popular assumption seems to be that Kendrick, who has blown up in Hollywood at this point, is done with the franchise... and the addition of Hailee Steinfeld as a new, freshman Bella definitely lent itself to that particular theory.

So who knows -- no one is in just yet, but no one has slept with a Treble and gotten themselves kicked out, either. Our money would be on Wilson and Steinfeld returning and Kendrick leaving, with Banks and second-tier stars like Brittany Snow and Sklyar Astin as the wild cards.

And as for the plot of the film, well, just let the cast explain it to you: