2 Chainz Is About To Show Us The Most Expensive Fashion In The World

2 Chainz is teaming up with GQ to find the most expensive stuff on the planet. "I paid a thousand dollars for my sneakers" ring any bells? From decadent hamburgers that cost a whopping $295 to gold chains that cost more than a small country, Mr. Money Machine himself aims to find and chronicle all the expensive thangs we regular people just can’t afford (but REALLY wish we could).

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When it comes to fashion—high-end fashion, that is—the price tag on clothes, shoes, hats, bling, EVERYTHING is already pretty steep. One Alexander Wang tee: $595. One pair of Guiseppi Zanotti sandals: $1,795. My bank account: You don't want to know. Despite it all, most of us remain aspirational and hope that one day we can live like the rich, the fabulous, and 2 Chainz. With episodes focused on the most luxurious ties and iced-out rings, 2 Chainz promises to keep us inspired and focused on all the stylish expensive s*** this planet has to offer.

But before you start counting your coins and saving up for those diamond encrusted ties and lavish golden sprinkled socks, watch the preview of what promises to be an entertaining series. Can we handle it? I think we're ready.

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