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Ooh La La! Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's French Wedding Was Beautiful

So nice they did it twice

It’s finally happened. Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are officially married...again!

The couple, who originally said their vows in a fun Las Vegas chapel back at the beginning of May, finally descended upon France over the weekend for their "official" wedding.

Details about the wedding are currently sparse, as are the photos, but apparently Sophie opted for a gorgeous traditional wedding gown with satin sleeves and a veil for the ceremony, escorted around the venue with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers under an umbrella to help shield her from the blistering heat in France over the weekend. And the entire ceremony was absolutely breathtaking – but how could it not be when it's being held at a place like this?

"We’re trying to keep it as low-key as possible so it’s more of an intimate thing," Turner told Harper's Bazaar UK of the ceremony – so that's why visuals are unfortunately sparse. And even though the pair had already technically been married back in Vegas, it seemed both had a major case of nerves.

"Sophie was drinking champagne with her girlfriends and brunch was also delivered. Joe had a few shots with his groomsmen to ease the nerves," reported E! Online via undisclosed source.

Of course, Jonas brothers Nick and Kevin were in attendance as well as spouses Priyanka Chopra and Danielle for a full family affair. The venue? An actual castle (up for rent on Airbnb, natch) with features nine rows, a winery, its own tennis court, and even a pool to round things out. It's about $5,000 a night, but for Joe and Sophie's wedding, only the best would suffice, and it certainly looks like it helped afford them a fantastically fairy tale wedding.

Before making things Instagram official at the sprawling French castle they chose for their venue, the pair had previously been hitting up several "hot spots" around France getting some romantic time in together as they explored the City of Lights. They shared several moments on Instagram, including the prelude to a (how fitting) French kiss.

And while we wish we could have a bigger peek into Joe and Sophie's lavish (or so we hear) wedding, it certainly sounds like they had the time of their lives. Congratulations again to the happy couple! Now it's time for the honeymoon – and we'll all be waiting to see where they end up.