'Atlanta''s Latest Teaser Basically Spins Donald Glover Like A Record


We got a quick glimpse of the Atlanta crew in an all-too-brief Golden Globes teaser, but now Donald Glover is back with another surreal clip to get us stoked for Season 2.

Imagine, if you will, a turntable. Pretend Glover's feet are standing at the very center of the record, and that the needle's about to be dropped. This clip is a motion graphics marvel, in that he rotates through various scenes on a circular loop — kind of like he was, you know, lying on wax in play — and it's enough to make you question the whole concept of "up" for this half a minute.

Glover took home a Best Actor Emmy at the 2017 ceremony for his performance on the show, which he also created, writes for, directs, and executive-produces.

Atlanta returns to FX on March 1.

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