Dinner At Taylor Swift's Crazy House Of Horrors, Anyone? See GIFs From Her Insane 2014 AMA Performance

There's something wrong with Becky.

Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" performance at the 2014 American Music Awards was, in a word, NUTS. In two words? SUPER NUTS. That "Darling I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream" lyric has never been more real.

The performance, which kicked off the AMAs Sunday, Nov. 23, opened on am opulent, Tim Burton-esque dining room with Taylor and her man of the moment seated at opposite ends of a dining room table. Cute, right? WRONG. There were no chai eggnog cookies to be had -- only bitterness, betrayal and BURNING ROSES OH MY GOD.

[image src="wp-attachment://2006950" title="taylor swift" alt="taylor swift"]

Two set changes, a burning rose garden and one dramatic dress tear-away later (always here for a tear-away), and Tay Tay's crazy face was in full effect. Yes, I know that the 24-year-old singer, who received the Dick Clark Award For Excellence later that night, was satirizing the love-crazy man-eater the media often portrays her as, but... I have another, crazier theory.

And no, it's not about the Illuminati.

What we witnessed at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live might very well have been an act of possession. Do you really think that was Taylor up there, lighting all manner of topiary aflame as she annihilated victim after unsuspecting male victim? No, it's Becky.

[image src="wp-attachment://2006973" title="taylor swift" alt="taylor swift"]

And, she's in control now.

[image src="wp-attachment://2006974" title="taylor-swift-2014-amas-performance-5" alt="taylor-swift-2014-amas-performance-5"]

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