Ma$e Gets 'Politically Incorrect' To Address Michael Brown And Trayvon Martin's Deaths

The Harlem rapper weighs in on some important issues.

Ma$e is prepping his latest album Now We Even, and while his recent releases have been more club and radio friendly, he's taking a break from the jams for some real talk on "Politically Incorrect."

Following the huge posse cut on "Don't Shoot," the Harlem rapper adds his own two cents to the uproar over the shooting deaths of Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin.

"Rainy night down in Florida, dispatcher said don't follow him/ How the hell he end up with the coroners? I don't get it," Ma$e spits on the track. "I'm politically incorrect, I'll never sell my own out for a check/ They say that I’m from generation X/ ADD, n----s don’t know what I’m gon’ do next."

"It got me wondering, is Obama gon' protect his own?" he adds. "Yeah, yeah, yeah, I hear all the talk/ But I'm also watching Zimmerman and Wilson walk."

On "Don't Shoot," artists like Game, Wale, Rick Ross, Curren$y, Fabolous and more spoke out about Michael Brown's death. Proceeds from the song's sales will be donated to the Michael Brown Memorial Fund.

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