BROCKHAMPTON Serenade A Tumbling Camera In 'I Been Born Again' Video

You'll have more question marks around your head than Nick Young's famous meme

It won't help to rewind BROCKHAMPTON's new video for "I Been Born Again" to understand exactly what's going on in this head-scratching video. It's a hazy, somewhat dreamy return to form for the internet's coolest boy band, and it's first new single that should appear on their recently announced forthcoming studio album, Ginger. You'll make Nick Young's infamous "???" face as you visually digest the mind-boggling morsel. And you'll probably feel some kind of vertigo while trying to figure out which way to turn your head so that Kevin Abstract and the crew are right side up.

The video, shot in black-and-white, is rather simple. BROCKHAMPTON stand in front of a warehouse rapping their new single. But it gets a tad bit weirder than that. The camera that records the performance is twisted around to a weird angle on the ground. It changes continuously, too. They kick it and watch it roll like it's a disoriented, confused person on the ground.

They then start dragging a member by his legs through the street, and another dons a creepy Halloween mask and screeches into the lens. It's an unsettling vibe that emanates from the proceedings, like the opening credits of a snuff film. You're lucky if your legs don't feel wobbly after all of that rolling around.

BROCKHAMPTON released their fourth studio album Iridescence last September. Earlier this year, Abstract released a solo project, Arizona Baby.

Watch BROCKHAMPTON's weird and vertigo-inducing video for "I Been Born Again" up above.

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