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Brockhampton's Kevin Abstract Stretches His Creative Fingers On Arizona Baby

After teasing three separate dates, the group's frontman casts a spell

Kevin Abstract is one of rap group BROCKHAMPTON's founding members. Fans have fallen in love with the way that his heavy voice floats on beats and how open and vulnerable he is about his personal life on wax. It's always a joy when he graces the track with his unique brand of lyricism, so his new release, ARIZONA baby, brings triple the euphoria. Released today (April 11), his new project, based on recent teases, could be the first of three newly released bodies of work from Abstract or BROCKHAMPTON itself.

It's often a cliché when someone says that no two songs of an artist sound the same, but when you listen to BROCKHAMPTON's wildly theatrical music – that could be divided into genres within the hip-hop spectrum – it's a fact. Abstract undoubtedly is a large reason for this, being that he's the group's frontman and public face. But his creativity in reinforced in the vast expanse of musical estate covered in these three new songs, "Big Wheels," "Joy Ride," and "Georgia."

"Big Wheels" sounds like a nightmarish world of corded phones and slightly open closet doors in the dead of the night. "Joy Ride" is a drive through pink and orange skies on Mars during a scorching summer. "Georgia" is smooth, sexy and melodic, exposing a different side of the sharp-tongued emcee than the one we've seen previously. Each song is separate and doesn't exist in the same world.

Abstract recently posted a mysterious picture to Instagram with three numbers: 11th, 18th, and 25th. It's clear that since he released the project on April 11 that these two other dates will most likely correspond to release periods or announcements at the least. What's coming next? More Abstract? Or more BROCKHAMPTON? They've been pretty quiet since last year's iridescence

For the time being, avoid driving yourself into a frenzy over this speculation by listening to ARIZONA baby up above.