Watch Rupert Friend Pull A 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' On Hannah Ware In Our Exclusive 'Hitman' Clip

It's a tied bald game.

"You're the same as me… so untie yourself."

No, that isn't dialogue from "Fifty Shades of Grey." It's from a whole different kind of thriller boasting a whole different number: "Hitman: Agent 47," the upcoming adaptation of the fan-favorite video game franchise.

A brand-new clip from "Hitman" premiered during the MTV Fandom Awards this evening, featuring "Homeland" star Rupert Friend in all of his Agent 47 glory — and by Agent 47 glory, I mean looking super hot and super bald.



Yeah. Feeling that.

The clip sets up a lot of what we can expect from the story behind "Hitman," including the fact that Agent 47 and his new pal Katia van Dees (played by Hannah Ware) have some killer instincts in common. Literally in common, too, as 47 insists that he and Katia are cut from the same genetic cloth. He's willing to prove it, as he leaves her tied up in a chair and almost dangling off the edge of an impossibly tall ledge.

It's a death-defying move that would make even Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele red (room of pain) with envy, so, looks like we have a whole lot of that kind of fun to look forward to here.

"Hitman: Agent 47" strikes on August 21.

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