Bebe Rexha Is The Angel And Demon On Her Shoulders In 'Last Hurrah' Video

Saint by day, sinning party-goer by night

Last week, Bebe Rexha released a new single, "Last Hurrah," with a lyric video more creative than most artists' official visuals. It's nothing too complex – a pair of CGI figures going through the motions in a red, futuristic setting – but it fits the outlandish atmosphere that the song creates.

We were left wondering how could the official video, for the song about resetting the clock of temptation and setting it aside in the morning, would stack up? Today, Rexha has shared the visual for "Last Hurrah" that exceeds the lyric video in scale and hilarity. It keeps you visually invested throughout.

Cartoons tell us that there are angels on one shoulder and devil-like creatures on the other constantly bickering over what should we do. Eat the cookie when we aren't supposed to or step away? Return the five bucks a person just dropped in front of you or get excited for some Taco Bell on your lunch break? These beings determine if we are good or bad people and they almost never connect. In the video for "Last Hurrah," Rexha plays both characters.

In the daytime, she's an angel in a tantalizing dress, strolling down the street under the sky's vast blue sea. It's heavenly. At night, she's in a skin-tight red dress, inside of a red night club, massaging the tongues of strangers and sinning to her heart's content.

But things get freakier than that. There are scenes of seductive nuns getting steamy on a bed, and Rexha's daytime angel wearing a black corset in a sexy pose. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. You'll see an adorable cat peeking its head out of a one-piece bodysuit, blood-red fingernails with fire blowing from their pointed tips, and Rexha herself hanging from a window frame encased in fierce fires. There's so much more to unpack that it's best left for you to check out yourself. It's a dark, sexy visual that makes her nomination for Best New Artist at the 61st Grammy Awards make even more sense.

Check out the tenacious, adventurous visual up above.