(Rich Fury/Getty Images for The Recording Academy)

Bebe Rexha Has One More Night To Enjoy Her Vices In 'Last Hurrah'

Get comfortable and watch CGI people embrace

Earlier this week, Bebe Rexha was nominated for Best New Artist at the 61st Grammy Awards. Today, she's planning on putting all of her wildest vices to sleep. She has released a new single, "Last Hurrah," and its weird, oddly mesmerizing, accompanying video. Listen to her new tune below and check out some computer characters holding each other.

"Last Hurrah" is all about tomorrow. The singer rapidly lists the things that she's done with – drinking, smoking, playing, joking, dating – before revealing that she has one more night to indulge in these vices. On the enormous chorus that she belts, Rexha reveals that tonight's the night that she goes past the limit, taking in everything until she literally can't take anymore. "Once I start / I ain't gonna stop ’til I go too far," she sings as if she's convincing herself that she has the power to quit after this.

The accompanying lyric video could have very well served as the official visual due to how imaginative it is. We follow CGI characters in a stunning red atmosphere in various modes of embrace as the lyrics float in front of the characters. It feels oddly futuristic.

"Last Hurrah" is Rexha's first single of 2019. She released her debut studio album Expectations in June of last year. Check out the wild lyric video above.