You'll Never See The 'High School Musical' Films In The Same Way Again After Reading This Insane Fan Theory

FYI, they're all 'not' in this together.

Most people see Disney's "High School Musical" franchise as a bunch of happy-go-lucky teens singing their hearts out about school, love and basketball. However, Reddit user SkyWasTheRobot is clearly not most people.

This Redditor came up with a detailed fan theory about how "'High School Musical' is set in an alternate history without laws. That is, a world where crime doesn't exist as we see it. A world where you can murder, steal, and destroy without any legal repercussions." Basically, "High School Musical" functions in the same world as "The Purge."

In case you need a refresher, "The Purge" is a horror movie that lets people do anything and everything they want for one night only — without legal repercussions. So, people can maim and kill whomever they please, and destroy anything they want. Basically, it's a dystopian society where crime is legal for one night a year.

SkyWasTheRobot gave some surprisingly solid examples to support this insane theory.

Destruction of property

"Our characters — including the characters we're meant to be rooting for — repeatedly commit actions that would have resulted in legal consequences had they been done in our world." When Troy Bolton (Zac Efron) and the gang "trash" their school the moment summer vacation begins, no one bats an eye. Papers are thrown everywhere, kids stand on desks and throw basketballs at school property. Nobody cares.

Unlawful work practices

"The working conditions of the gang's summer job are ridiculous: Mr. Fulton is effectively bribed by Sharpay to make these underaged teenagers life a living hell. In a world with working regulations, Lava Springs would have been sued into the ground years ago." Once employers start letting the rules apply to some people and not others, then things get dicey. Also, betraying your loyal staff for money is just d-bag city.

Serious health code violations

SkyWasTheRobot used the "HSM 2" song "Work This Out" for this example. During the gang's song and dance number, they break about 100 health codes. For starters, most of the kids aren't wearing something to cover their hair. They play with bowls and utensils — touching them with their unwashed hands — then just putting them back. Also, sitting on top of the place where food is prepared is just all kinds of wrong. Oh, and putting a bowl on your head is definitely against regulation. *Cough* Chad Danforth *Cough*


Remember in the third film when Ms. Darbus filled out a Juilliard application for Troy without him knowing it? Well, SkyWasTheRobot pointed out, "Ms. Darbus pretended to be Troy, fashioned his signature and sent it off without his knowledge. In the "High School Musical" world, that's called charming. In the real world, that's called f--king forgery." Yet, despite this felony act, Ms. Darbus received no consequences. She did no jail time, nor was even brought before a court. Anarchy, sheer anarchy.

LSD trips

"If you were a high school student and you were given unrestricted access to anything, wherever or whenever you wanted it, you would probably go for it. How else would you explain randomly reverting back to the age of nine?" SkyWasTheRobot is referring to the "HSM 3" song "The Boys Are Back," in which Troy and Chad sing and dance in a junkyard (that moves on its own, apparently) and transform back into little kids for a short period. TBH, that whole sequence IS pretty trippy.

SkyWasTheRobot then delves into some philosophy, claiming the reason everyone in the films is happy all the time is because there aren't "any restrictions on people's rights and freedoms, [therefore] nobody is ever sad. You can have whatever you want, whenever you want."

So, although the East High Wildcats aren't a bunch of crazed, mask-wearing psychos, they still continuously break the law and do whatever they feel like doing.

This is you and your blown mind right now:

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