This Video Of A Fish Eating A Shark Will Make You Even More Terrified Of The Ocean

It's officially time for Shark Week to be renamed "Grouper Week" now.

Earlier this summer, we gave you reasons why the ocean should scare the hell out of you. Hopefully you followed this advice and haven't come face-to-face with that 800-lb. stingray (still having nightmares, tbh). But in case you need one more, solid reason to drop your surfboard and back away from the waves, just watch this crazy video of a grouper fish eating a four-foot-long shark -- in one bite...

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What's that, you say? You thought sharks were the oceanic creatures you should fear most? WRONG. Turns out, you even have to worry about FISH. Sweet, innocent fish. The very ones we let into our homes. You think that aquarium can hold them forever?!

So thanks, but no thanks...we will NOT be coming to your end-of-summer snorkeling adventure. That ish is a death wish. "Fish are friends, not food"? You wanna be friends with that monster grouper?



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