Lois Lane Is 'A Powerful Woman,' Says Amy Adams

The Los Angeles Times’ Hero Complex reported what the actress said while attending CinemaCon at Caesar’s Palace.

“[W]hat I love about Lois Lane is that she’s been very consistently strong, successful, independent,” Adams said. “I’m very attracted to that.”

The Academy Award nominated actress acknowledged the major limitations of society when Lois Lane was created, pointing out how women didn’t have the same opportunities as men. She felt that this made Lane an especially important character, because she was strong even in the midst of discrimination.

“I think the role of women in society constantly changes . . . [W]hat I loved about her was that she was able to be smart and be feminine and I think that that’s something I know I’m going to teach my daughter,” Adams said, “that you don’t have to be a man to be powerful. You can be a powerful woman.”

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