The One A-List Star You'll Never See On 'American Horror Story'

This Oscar-winner won't be joining her colleagues on AHS anytime soon.

Many a celeb has dropped in over the years to give us a fright on "American Horror Story," which has boasted a major star cameo in every one of its seasons (not to mention a roster of Oscar-winning A-listers in its core cast.)

But there's one famously famous lady you'll never catch checking into "American Horror Story: Hotel" -- or any future installments, either.

Julia Roberts, despite being besties with creator Ryan Murphy, is just too scared to go anywhere near his ghastly, terrifying baby.


Roberts opened up to E! Online about why she and AHS are mutually exclusive, a state of affairs that dates all the way back to "Murder House" and its rubber-suited villain.

"I'll tell you why," she said. "Because I can't even get though the commercials. I am the most fitful scaredy cat. When the first American Horror Story came out, remember the first poster? I said to [Ryan], 'OK, I curse you. I stop at a traffic light and I have to look at that thing on billboards. It gives me the willies. What is that? What is going on? What have you done?'"

And while Roberts' fear of things that go bump in the night isn't shared by her niece, Emma Roberts -- another fave actress of Murphy's, who stole the show in "AHS: Coven" -- Julia was firm that not even her family ties can lure her onto that set.

"I try to support my Emma, but I don't like it," she said.

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