Rihanna's 'Loud' Continues To Leak Online

Three more tracks hit the web before the album's November 16 release.

Three more tracks from [artist id="1940303"]Rihanna[/artist]'s Loud, which comes out on November 16, have leaked online. "California King (Bed),"

"Complicated" and "Man Down" all made their way to the web on Monday (November 8), not long after [article id="1651729"]three other tracks had leaked[/article].

While "Complicated" is a dance-friendly track, it focuses on a difficult relationship and the misunderstandings that plague it. The track, which [article id="1651058"]MTV News heard last month[/article], is bouncy and light, and Rihanna's voice sounds clear and beautiful.

"California King (Bed)" touches on similar themes as "Complicated,"

although where "Complicated" uses bouncy beats to express the distance between two lovers, "California King (Bed)" is a sweet ballad.

And then there's "Man Down," her ska-tinged jam about killing a man.

Rihanna turns on her island accent as she sings, "Oh Mama Mama/ I just shot a man/ In Central Station/ In front of a big old crowd."

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