Regina George Joining 'High School Musical' Works Better Than It Probably Should

Move over, Sharpay Evans

What would happen if Regina George from Mean Girls were plucked from her world and dropped into High School Musical's East High? Nothing good, that's for sure.

YouTuber Elle Mills — who last month recut The Lizzie McGuire Movie trailer into a thriller — has created another beautiful piece of art for the nostalgia fanatics out there, mashing up Mean Girls and High School Musical. The result does not bode well for Troy Bolton (Zac Efron) and Gabriella Montez (Vanessa Hudgens).

In the recut, Troy is the hunky Aaron Samuels to Gabriella's doe-eyed Cady Heron, and Regina pulls all the evil strings à la Sharpay Evans. The fake trailer, overlaid with "Now or Never" from High School Musical 3, features classic Regina moments (including "Boo, you whore") and culminates in the Plastics' ~scandalous~ Christmas performance.

Mills mentions at the end of the vid she totally shipped Troypay growing up, which explains why Regina sinks her claws so deeply into Troy. Check out the hilarious parody above.

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