Future Pawnee Is Scary Different In The New 'Parks And Recreation' Trailer

Can you handle the future?

The new trailer for the seventh and final season of “Parks and Recreation” takes us to a strange, new world: Pawnee, in the year 2017.

If you recall from last season’s surprising finale, the series time-jumped to a future where everything has changed. Leslie (rocking bangs) and Ben have triplets, Jon Hamm’s Ed is the most incompetent employee in the office and Andy has yet another injury.

The trailer hints at even more shocking future happenings in theAmy Poehler-fronted comedy: Andy is now Johnny Karate in his own movie franchise TV show, Tom appears to have made some paper as a mogul and there are scary-looking delivery drones that admittedly have Leslie (and us!) cowering in fear.

But, don’t freak out -- not everything is super-different. Even in the future, nobody calls Jerry/Garry/Larry, who is now Terry, by the right name.

The cast had an emotional last day of filming last week and spent the day sharing set photos that had us feeling all the feels.

We have so many questions about future Pawnee. Will Ben have seen the new "Star Wars"? Is Hillary President? Guess we’ll have to wait until the premiere on Tuesday, January 13th to find out.

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