Jason LaVeris

'Parks And Recreation' Producer Reveals Which Characters Will Return For The Show's Final Season

Hamm's character will have a recurring role as "The Worst Employee Ever."

Rejoice “Parks & Rec” fans! Rob Lowe, Rashida Jones and Jon Hamm will all be returning for the show’s seventh and final season.

That kind of news is better than eating a Kevin Bacon-wrapped Tiny-Ass Lobsters!

While Jones’ Ann and Lowe’s Chris are only slated to return to Pawnee for just one episode, Hamm’s Ed "The Worst Employee Ever," who made a hilarious 60-second “Hammeo” in season six’s final episode, will be back for as many scenes as showrunner Mike Schur can have him for.

“If I have my way, every episode where you see events that take place before that moment — which, who knows how many that will be? — will include a shot of him doing something insanely incompetent,” Schur told Entertainment Weekly.

According to Schur, the "Mad Men" star’s line, “It’s been a great three years,” could be the perfect setup for flashbacks to those three years of incompetence.

“I felt pretty strongly that one of the fun things would be to see someone really famous and to have them get fired immediately,” Schur added. “I think Hamm may have actually improvised the line 'It’s been a great three years.' He either improvised it or we worked it out on the floor. But it just made us laugh that you would say: ‘Oh my God, we just missed three years of Jon Hamm!’ And he made the decision, which I thought was so funny, to play the entire thing with a smile on his face. It was not the way it was conceived at all, and it’s so much funnier that he’s just like, ‘Yup! Totally understand. Goodbye!’”

So grab your Punky Brewsters virtual citizens of Pawnee, the final season of Leslie Knope, Tom Haverford and the rest of the gang should be one for the books.