Nick Jonas Turns His 2014 MTV EMA Performance Into A One-Man Wet T-Shirt Contest

'Jealous' you weren't in Miami to witness it live?

Miami was in the middle of a downpour when Nick Jonas hit the 2014 MTV EMA kick-off stage on Sunday, Nov. 9. But did he let a little rain get him down? Nope -- not only did the 22-year-old solo artist nail his "Jealous" performance, but he sealed the deal by ripping off his black jacket to soak up some of the downpour, turning his EMA moment into a one-man wet t-shirt contest. (Spoiler alert: Nick won.)

After relieving himself of one very unnecessary layer of clothing, Nick did a full-on knee-slide across the stage. Related: Are sensual Slip 'N Slides a thing? Something tells me those should be a thing.

Charles Goetz


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After the set, EMA kick-off co-host Nick Cannon congratulated Jonas on his performance and asked him who, if anyone, he is jealous of.

His response? Nick Cannon, "of course." (Must've been those diamond shoes the "Wild 'N Out" MC wore.)

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