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Nick Will Be Back For Another Season

'Wild 'N Out' will be back with all-new episodes this upcoming Summer!

ASAP Rocky Brings His Fly Swag

It's time to flash back to one of the best episodes of the season, as ASAP Rocky takes on Nick Cannon.

This Season's Wildest Performances

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis turned in two of the wildest performances you'll ever see on 'Wild 'N Out.'

Kevin Tells Nick To "Kiss His A**"

Nick Cannon checks up on Kevin Hart in his dressing room, and Kevin is not happy about his new 'Wild 'N Out' digs.

Mac's Wild 'N Out Possibilities Are Endless

See what Mac Miller really thought about being on 'Wild 'N Out.'

Nick Steals Lauren's Yogurt

Lauren's yogurt has gone missing, and when she finds out Nick took it, she gives him a piece of her mind.

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  1. It's the biggest night in 'Wild 'N Out' history as Kevin Hart returns for a rematch vs. Nick to see who will get the last laugh in the season finale smackdown....  Read Full Summary »


  2. MGK is truly a wild boy, but is he wild enough to lead the black squad to victory vs. Nick Cannon?...  Read Full Summary »


  3. Joe Budden reps the East Coast all day, and now he's trying to lead the black squad to victory vs. Nick Cannon, Big Boi and the platinum squad....  Read Full Summary »



  1. Comedians Anthony "Chico" Bean and Karlous Miller hope "Wild 'N Out" will make them into certified superstars.

  2. The "Wild 'N Out" cast trash talks guest Kevin Hart.

  3. Check out exclusive interviews, music videos and more from Nick Cannon.

About Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'N Out

  1. MTV's groundbreaking Wild 'N Out is back with everything that made it a must-see show--the lightning fast comedic improv, head-to-head battling and of course, the master of ceremonies Nick Cannon. But now, in its new MTV2 incarnation, Wild 'N Out is out for new blood.

    The original bloodline of Wild 'N Out was undeniable, ushering the rise of comedic superstars who have since become household names from Kevin Hart to JB Smoove to Katt Williams. And now a legion of young, hungry, new comedic stars want in on the Wild 'N Out pedigree--and the only way to earn it is through battle.

    The stakes are higher than ever before. In this fifth season, Wild 'N Out brings visceral, cutting, hip-hop edged comedy where the next vanguard wants to prove that can hold their own with the pure-bred all-stars, and the originators that success has kept their street cred--and legacy--intact. With competition coursing through their veins, this time the gloves are off and the Wild 'N Out comics are going for the jugular in a setting that's more rap battle than comedic stage. It's new blood mixed with pure blood to see which one really holds weight.

    Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'N Out, coming to MTV2.

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