Is There Tension Between Ed Sheeran And Ellie Goulding In The Band Aid Video?

Was there a weird vibe, or are people making a big deal about nothing?

While you and me and everybody else were swaying to the new charity single “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” -- sung in a joint effort by everyone from Rita Ora to Bono -- there might have been a bit of awkwardness brewing that only a few people noticed. Ed Sheeran, who reportedly wrote "Don't" about One Direction's Niall Horan swooping in on Ed's love interest Ellie Goulding, had to share a room with the two while they all recorded. Awk-city.

While some people claim it might've been weird, I'm sure the three of them were more concerned about the greater good -- raising money to fight illness in West Africa with the single. Watch the Band Aid 30 video to see if you can sense anything for yourself:

When you're gathering together for to fight Ebola, any personal grudges are probably thrown away for a few selfless moments. But who knows, as Sheeran, Horan and Goulding shared a row on the choir risers -- there may have been some tension, as these Twitters users pointed out:

Buy "Do They Know It's Christmas?" to support the fight to rid West Africa of Ebola.