Ed Sheeran's Dancey 'Don't' Video Is A Motivational Rags-To-Riches Story

Get inspired.

Ed Sheeran released his video for "Don't" on Monday (August 4), and despite the song's downer lyrics about betrayal, the clip is a rags-to-riches story about a guy who dances his way to the top.

The "Don't" dude wakes up to the shambles that is his poor neighborhood, puts on a shirt and takes off. Never losing confidence, the dancer defies gravity, popping and locking through the streets of the suburbs, making stops at houses along the way. At each stop, the houses step up a class rank, until our man reaches a mansion. He hardly takes a break on his way there.

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He slips into a suit and finally stops groovin', settling down in an intertube in his brand-new pool, lacing his hands behind his head.

And while the lyrics to "Don't" are a personal narrative, I'm thinking the narrative in the video is also very similar for Ed. You've got to work hard on your way to the top and never stop until you get there.