These GIFs Are The Most Fun (And Terrifying) Things We've Seen At Hangout Fest

From Wiz Khalifa to a giant rubber ducky, we captured all of Day One in GIFs.

Hang loose, music lovers.

My preference is that you'd all be at 2014 Hangout Festival with MTV, but not everyone can be in Gulf Shores, Alabama, right now. The second best thing is that you're following along with the live stream. And if you're catching up afterward, here are some GIFs to get you in the know about what went down during Day One. You're welcome.

On a day that saw Wiz Khalifa, Black Lips and a sea full of flower crowns, Hangout fans realized that all they needed was music, love and an extra pair of underwear. Here are the GIFiest moments from Friday (May 16).

We saw a lot of chicks hooping

You go, girl

We met this lil' big guy

I took a selfie in front of this Ferris wheel

Amber Rose gave us a sweet kiss. Jeal?

And we danced to Ingrid Michaelson's "Girls Chase Boys"

Music lives!

You know what it is, Wiz Khalifa.

Childish Gambino was super animated onstage

And the 1975? Yeah, they were amazing.

This guy was un-bear-ably cute.

And this girl scared the sh-- out of us, but whatever, we have tomorrow to gain our wits back.