Hey Diarrhea Planet: Can You Go Harder Than The Black Lips At Hangout Fest?

Stagedive time.

The littlest of moshpits kicked up Friday (May 16) at the Black Lips' set at Hangout Fest -- and with it a kind of unofficial challenge to fellow garage rock band Diarrhea Planet to raise even more dust at their set tomorrow.

Although slightly more subdued than usual (read: no vomiting, nor guitar sex), the Lips ripped through an all-encompassing set in sunny Gulf Shores, Alabama this afternoon. From "Boys In The Wood," off of their new record Underneath The Rainbow, to old chestnuts like "Bad Kids," the boys brought the dirty South to, well, the slightly less-dirty South.

As far as I could tell, the dudes did not employ their smell-manufacturing machine (which guitarist Jared Swilley told us would be pumping smells such as cookies, Dumpsters and the moon into venues on tour) at the show -- unless those wafts of herb were not, in fact, coming from the dude next to me.

However, the Black Lips' rendition of "Justice After All" did raise a stink -- in the form of the dust and sweat that flew freely in the midst of the most wee (and simultaneously gleefully energetic) moshpit this writer has ever seen.

Yup, the sunburned fest-goers -- in flip-flops no less! -- tumbled and bumbled in the sun-fumbled pit, channeling some of the manic energy of that dudes who brought you that tripped-out "Boys In The Wood" video, among other wonderfully disturbing fare.

As one of few bands as Hangout that'd feel completely at home in some DIY venue with questionably clean couches, the Lips upped the ante for fellow garage rockers, Diarrhea Planet, who are primed to take the stage on Saturday: Kick up even more dust. Cause even more bruises. Get even more heads banging. (In, like, a rule-following kind of way, of course. Safety first, babes.)

And it looks like Diarrhea Plant's up to the challenge. Last week, they tweeted: "Our set at Hangout Fest is only a week away! How many stage dives are we lookin at??" and a few days ago they teased:

Well, the gauntlet has been thrown, guys. Can you be the best in fest?

UPDATE: Challenge, apparently, accepted: