How The 'Wild 'N Out' Cast Is Denouncing Systemic Racism

The VH1 crew is speaking out on social media

Many people across America -- and around the globe -- are making their voices heard to fight racial inequality, stand up to police brutality and demand justice for the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and countless victims of racism. That includes cast members from VH1's Wild 'N Out, who are adding their perspectives and showing solidarity with the Black community.

From attending gatherings in major metropolitan areas (Nick Cannon traveling to Minneapolis and Rip Micheals in New York) to speaking out and with each other (Justina Valentine and Chico Bean), the crew has found several ways to amplify their voices. They've also turned to social media to spread their message, and we've compiled a roundup of their posts, below.

Check it out -- and if you're looking for ways to support the Black community, here are a few suggestions. If you want to take action, join Color of Change and text demands to 55156. If you want to help protesters, donate to The Bail Project and/or National Bail Out. Or if you want to learn more about being an ally, click here for some anti-racism resources.

Chico Bean and Justina Valentine

Darren Brand

Nick Cannon

DC Young Fly

Emmanuel Hudson


MC Jin

Rip Micheals

Watts Homie Quann

Maddy Smith

Tyler Chronicles

Vena E.

Mope Williams