Can Stephan And Jaime Move Past Their 'Young And Pregnant' Brawl?

Kayla's baby daddy got into an argument with her mom -- and it 'almost' turned physical

Baby daddies arguing with their girlfriends’ mothers seems to be a theme on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant: Tonight’s episode featured a seriously explosive fight between Stephan and Kayla’s mom Jaime, and it came this close to turning physical.

So what caused such a blowup? Jaime was livid to find out that Stephan, who had been living at her house to be with his now-ex Kayla and Baby Izaiah, used her debit card without permission. Jaime told Kayla she no longer trusted Stephan, refused to “enable his behavior” and wanted him out.

When Jaime returned home later, she was angry to find Stephan still in the house and told her daughter, who admittedly had broken some of her mom’s house rules, that he needed to leave.

The new dad, listening from the other room, apologized and gave her back the $70 but grew increasingly irate as Jaime involved his baby mama and son in their argument.

“What the f**k you talk about, boy? This is a Jaime-Stephan situation. Not a Jaime-Izaiah-Kayla situation,” he shouted.

Jaime then reiterated the new rule that he cannot be in her house when she isn’t present, which really set the new dad off.

“No -- I’m going to be here when my son is here, period," he said. "This is my son. Your existence does not mean s**t to me.”

Then, after more profanity and name-calling -- and middleman Kayla pleading with her man to apologize -- Jaime said she felt badly for both Stephan and Izaiah.

“Say it again -- I dare you!” Stephan screamed while getting up in Jaime's face. “You ain’t s**t, you f***ing clown. Don’t ever say s**t about me nor my son.”

Yikes. Can Kayla, Stephan and Jaime get over this huge fight? Or is the trust completely gone and the relationships ruined? Share your thoughts, then stay tuned to Young and Pregnant Mondays at 10/9c to see what’s next.