Meet The Grandmas Of Teen Mom: Young And Pregnant

You already know Shen, but the others will be an integral part of the season too

As Kayla, Lexi, Jade, Brianna and Ashley of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant are about to find out, it takes a village to raise a baby -- and, in the case of the young moms-to-be, that village is going to most likely include their own mamas.

Most of the ladies are lucky to have their mothers help them navigate the complexities of teen pregnancy and young parenthood, and we’ll see their mother-daughter (and, in the case of the dads, mother-son!) relationships chronicled throughout the series’ debut season.

As we still try to get over that infamous baby-shower brawl between Ashley and Bar’s mom Shen, get to know all the series' grandmas, and keep watching Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant Mondays at 10/9c!

  • Ashley's mom Tea

    This grandma-to-be is a pastor, which means she’s not afraid to preach about what she believes in… especially when it comes to her kids.

  • Lexi's mom Amber

    Lexi’s relationship with her baby’s father Kyler is super confusing, so luckily she’s got her level-headed mom to help her out (and potentially step up as a co-parent if needed).

  • Brianna's mom Jessica

    Jessica only wants the best for Bri, and she’s not afraid to tell her daughter “the best” might not be Danae.

  • Kayla's mom Jaime

    Jaime seems relatively supportive of her teenage daughter’s unplanned pregnancy, but the same can’t be said for how she feels about Stephan, her grandson’s father.

  • Danae's mom Robin

    The Chicago native is worried about her son taking on the responsibilities of raising someone else’s child. After all, she said it best: “Babies are not cheap!”

  • Jade's mom Christy

    Christy is a recovering addict who’s been in and out of treatment (and Jade’s life), so this mother-daughter duo certainly has a lot to work through.

  • Bar's mom Shen

    This blonde might be the most outspoken grandma the franchise has ever seen, and she sure is a character -- do you know any other grandmothers who proudly carry a tub of Vaseline in their purse?