Katy Perry's Super Bowl Teaser Tracksuit Is Awesome, And You Can Totally Have One Too

If you've ever found yourself majorly coveting Katy Perry's wardrobe (including her Flaming Hot Cheeto costume, obvz) prepare to rejoice. The "This Is How We Do" pop diva and brilliant re-creator of all things Britney related uploaded one of the most adorable pictures to ever grace our Instagram feeds.

While we don't know where to get those kitten-sized jean jackets, the track jacket from Jeremy Scott's collection for Adidas Katy's rocking is another story. Luckily for all you dedicated KatyCats out there, the black and gold musical note-covered zip up is totally available to be thrown into your shopping cart. PRAISE YOU, KATY!

Adidas Originals

M66603_F (1)

The price tag is a bit steep at $220, looking like Katy is ~priceless~ (not to mention we're drooling over it). If you want to turn yourself into a full-on replica of Katy Perry from the Super Bowl ad, you can even buy a pair of matching gold music note track pants, which basically guarantees you'll be the flyest person at the gym.

Adidas Originals


So far we haven't heard if Adidas provides an armful of fluffy kittens in itty-bitty vests or an unbelievably successful music career when you buy the jacket, but it's so cool on its own it might just be worth it. It'll prob sell out faster than you can say Kathy Beth Terry, so get one for yourself before it's too late!