How Jon Favreau Changed The 'Iron Man 2' Ending [NO SPOILERS!]

The secret ending of "Iron Man 2" has leaked online, as has the not-real-at-all ending. While the hush-hush scene comes after the credits of Tony Stark's latest cinematic outing, the movie features another alternate ending before those credits roll — well, an alternate ending of sorts, that is.

In an interview with MTV News, "Iron Man 2" director Jon Favreau revealed that certain events were tweaked for the film's ending, though these changes didn't require altering actual story elements. Instead, Favreau and his post-production crew simply ratcheted up the action factor for the film's final battle sequence.

"We did add some action to the end of the film," said Favreau of the changes made to the film. "The nature of what happens in the final battle [was altered]."

Favreau emphasized that the changes occurred after shooting had already wrapped, meaning that he wouldn't have filmed anything differently even with these alterations in mind.

"We built upon the ending, but I don't know if it's something that would have been – because that was all in the digital realm anyway, so it's not like we would have shot something differently than what we shot," said the director. "Decisions were made downstream in post-production as we worked on the special effects at the end of the movie."

It's no Nick Fury easter egg, but the phrase "add some action" is hardly disappointing when Iron Man and War Machine are involved!

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