Harry Styles (And His Nipples) Rocked The Met Gala In A Gorgeous Sheer Blouse

A gothic Gucci king

You might think that the Met Gala is over thanks to Lady Gaga shutting it down with four elaborate outfit changes, but you would be incorrect because Harry Edward Styles just showed up and he is a sight to behold.

From afar, Styles's head-to-toe Gucci ensemble looks like a simple all-black 'fit. But get a little closer, and you'll see that the brilliance is in the details. His sheer blouse featured a ruffled bow, flowing lace sleeves, and buttons up the back, while giving us a peek at his tatted torso. For accessories, he wore a single pearl earring in his earlobe and adorned his hands with an array of rings. Top it off with shiny, heeled shoes, and you've got a Met Gala debut for the books — especially considering he walked the pink carpet with Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele.

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A close-up of Styles's manicure not only gave fans a peek at his blinged-out fingers, but also showcased the little pop of color in his polish. Gotta love a man who takes care of his nails.

At only 24, the One Direction singer has already become a major player in the fashion industry — he's not only a muse and campaign face for Gucci, a sponsor for the Met Gala, but he's also a co-chair of the 2019 event. If Gaga's arrival established her as the Queen of Camp, Styles may have a claim as her King.

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