15,000 Retweets Later, This Girl Actually Wore A Minion Dress To Homecoming

And she looked positively radiant.

Additional reporting by Gaby Wilson

Back in September, we wrote about a Daisy Maddox, a junior at California's Crescenta Valley High School whose friend Ally went on a very important mission: Get 15,000 retweets, and Daisy would wear this Minion-centric tutu dress to homecoming.

Well, as you can see from the RTs, she totally did it! Or should I say: Twitter did it. Because, let's be real -- was Twitter not going to do it?

And because Daisy is a true friend (and because Twitter pacts can't be broken, c'mon guys), she rocked the dress in all its yellow glory to homecoming this weekend. She looked positively radiant.

Daisy Maddox


But it gets better. The dress Daisy wore was actually a replica of the original.

"Since the original dress was for ages 3-8, Ally's mom ended up making it from scratch!" Daisy told MTV News. "She bought all the fabric from [Jo-Ann Fabric And Craft's], took my measurements, and ended up making it in about a day. However, Ally and I did help with the making of the eye!

Daisy Maddox


News of the Minion dress traveled around school, so when Daisy showed up to the dance, she was wearing pretty much exactly what everyone hoped she'd wear.

"As for my personality, I feel like most people expected me to wear it lol!" she said. "I love being out going and enjoy making other people laugh and I ended up having an amazing time wearing it at the actual dance. People formed a large dance circle around me and I hit the Quan in front of everyone."

"Minions are very cute yes but it took a little bravery," she said. "I got nervous the day of because it hadn't actually hit me that I would have to be wearing a minion dress in front of my whole school, but Ally and my other friends gave me a pep talk and after that I was good to go."

Daisy Maddox


And when she entered, her entire school knew what was up.

"As for school, the whole thing just blew up. Everyone called me minion girl for a week but when they saw me wearing it at the actual dance they got so excited! Everyone was asking for photos with me and thanking me for 'pulling thru' (: Many Snapchats were taken of me that night LOL," Daisy said.

"My entrance wasn't that grand, but I waited until everyone was out on the dance floor and then I got dressed in it and walked down the big staircase that led into the dance floor," she said. "It was a little scary because I could definitely feel everyone look up at me!"

Daisy Maddox


Of course, she couldn't stay in the tutu all night -- you know, for practical reasons.

"And unfortunately I did not wear it for the entire night," she said. "Towards the end when we were going to leave for the party bus and after parties, I changed into this cute little black romper from Revolve."

And on her feet? "Black pumps. Not that I wore those the whole night either. My feet were killing me."

Way to thoroughly crush it, Daisy. But still -- how can she one-up a Minion dress for prom in the spring?

"I wasn't even thinking about prom until one of my friends told me that I had to top it with something better there! He and I are currently coming up with ideas now, but anyone is free to pitch in!!!!"

Let's get some ideas rollin' in, fam.

Unfortunately, we don't have word yet on what Zayn Malik, a known Minion supporter and Minion style icon, thinks of Daisy's homecoming dress. But I like to think he's all about it -- if there's any justice in this world at all.

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