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Zayn Malik Learns The Hard Way That Not Everyone Loves Minions

If you've been on the internet—or heck, even outside in the world—this summer, you've been confronted with these (IMHO) cute, little, yellow creatures called minions. However, these minions are extremely polarizing—you either love them to the point of obsession or you hate them so much it makes your blood boil every time someone even mentions them. Last night, we learned that Zayn Malik is #TeamMinions when he posted himself in a brand new Minions sweatshirt on Twitter.

Unfortunately for Zayn, even his own fans are divided when it comes to minions, and his most anti-minion fans took no hesitation in telling him.

Some fans were even so overcome with their anti-minion sentiments that they suggested they might stop being fans of Zayn because of it.

It was a harsh dose of reality for Zayn, and he took to Twitter again to comment on it.

We hope this won't keep him from wearing the sweatshirt, but if we have one piece of advice for Zayn, maybe don't try this makeup tutorial anytime soon.