Nick Jonas' 'Wilderness' Is Your Prehistoric Sex Anthem: Listen

Venture with Nick back to carnal caveman days.

Nick Jonas wants to get you naked in the woods... but not in a scary murdery way, I swear. On his new song, "Wilderness," Nick strips away distractions to deal with basic human desire -- and that is, uh, reproduction?

The song, which dropped early Tuesday morning (October 21), takes listeners back to caveman days -- sexual caveman days. That said, it's not hard to imagine Nick grabbing his loin-clothed crotch (just sayin').

"Before the fire/ We discovered desire/ There's no use so you can just let me hear you breathing/ Or I'll overheat it," Jonas croons on the track, a Bruno-esque sex jam off his upcoming self-titled album, out November 10.

With "Wilderness," we get a staccato piano beat, falsetto goodness and whole lot of hollering from men in the background -- perhaps they're hungry for gazelle?

Nick continues to distance himself from his Jonas Brother past. "Wilderness" follows solo jams "Jealous," "Chains" and "Numb," featuring Angel Haze.

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