Nick Jonas Got His Girlfriend To Strip Down For His Way ‘Out There’ ‘Jealous’ Video 

Nick warns that recreational activties could enhance your viewing experience.

Nick Jonas is about to celebrate his 22nd birthday, but he's giving us the best present yet: the brand-new video for his single "Jealous."

On Tuesday, Nick is inviting fans to New York City's South Street Seaport, where he'll unveil his latest clip -- which he's been teasing for the past week -- and the anticipation is killing us.

The Jonas brother tapped artist Peter Tunney to direct the video, and the artist "really connected" with Nick. The two are hoping that the vid will make people think about jealousy and "what it means," plus they'll get a cool visual experience since Tunney's artwork is featured throughout.

"I think the thing is we wanted to open up a conversation about jealousy and the human element of it and the fact that most of the time I feel like it's in your head," Nick recently told MTV News. "I had a specific experience that sort of inspired me to write this song and got the ball rolling in that sense, and it's not limited to that by any means. And this video is about getting a little bit deeper and opening the conversation up and just having fun while we do it."

That specific experience centers around Nick's girlfriend, Olivia Culpo, who appears in the video in rather unusual form.

"She's a lot of fun, she's a cellist and she played cello in the clouds in this video, which is pretty incredible scenery," he said. "In lingerie, so, why not?"

Yes, it certainly sounds a bit out there, and something that could mess with your mind a little, but that's totally the point.

"It is a little out there," he said, before adding that you may want to indulge in some recreational activities to enhance your viewing pleasure.

Nick, you mean popping popcorn, right?