Now You Can Worship At The Altar Of Yeezus With Your Very Own Bible

In this new book, every instance of 'God' has been replaced with Kanye or Yeezus.

If you ever thought the Bible lacked a ne sais quoi, there's now a special bible just for you.

Created by 3 entrepreneurial brothers, the official Kanye West-themed "bible," titled The Book of Yeezus, is available for sale on Etsy. The book focuses on the Book of Genesis, and every mention of the word God has been replaced with the words "Kanye" or "Yeezus."

The Book Of Yeezus/Etsy


But why Kanye West?

"Each generation champions a superstar so consistently relevant that they come to accompany that generation through it’s evolution, being a part of and ultimately shaping its identity," write the creators of the book on their Etsy page. Past superstars they mentioned in the same vein as Yeezus include Marilyn Monroe and Michael Jackson.

But Kanye, they point out, represents a sort of spiritual, cultural figure for millennials.

The Book Of Yeezus/Etsy


The creators not only wanted to focus on a major cultural figure, they also wanted to focus on a major cultural object, interpreting it's role and significance in the 21st century. The Book of Yeezus is less of a joke and more of statement, or as the creators described on their Etsy page, "an editorial art piece."

The Book of Genesis is also a story of creation and origin, making Kanye, a figure who has grown to larger-than-life proportions in the new millenium, a relevant figure to focus on. "What if the Bible, the most singularly significant publication in the ancient canon of Western tradition, were updated to reflect our modern society?" the creators asked. "What would it look like?"

Well, we guess it would look something like this.

So what do you think? Are you ready to worship at the altar of Yeezus?

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