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Kanye West Just Shared A Bunch Of Nude Photos Of Kim Kardashian

Happy Monday.

Kim Kardashian hasn't been shy about showing off her naked body lately (ever?), and hubby Kanye West sure is supportive -- like any good partner should be.

On Monday (Mar. 16), he posted a series of photos of a nude Kim -- though she was covering herself up with her arms -- and included the caption "SWISH!!!" (with varying numbers of exclamation points) next to many of the images. The pics are from the same shoot that aired on last night's season premier of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians."

“If I get pregnant again soon, my body is going to totally transform again so I’m doing this photo shoot today naked,” Kim said in the show. “I just want to capture my body and have these photos to last forever.”

Kanye, it seems, feels like he's a lucky man. "SO LUCKY," actually.

Nothin' but net.

Unless we're talking about what she's wearing, in which case it's just nothin'.