Kelly Rowland, B2K Pause For War, But Fat Joe, LL Keep It Moving

Some artists are canceling tours, while for others it's business as usual.

The beat goes on, despite the current war with Iraq. While some artists have canceled or postponed their shows, for the most part they're carrying on with business as usual.

The Roots have just embarked on a European tour, and Dru Hill plan to follow suit in May. Meanwhile, here in the U.S., the strike on Iraq hasn't interrupted 50 Cent's plans to shoot a new video or go on tour. Talib Kweli and Common won't cancel their joint outing, either.

Linkin Park, Brian McKnight, B2K and the Diplomats are still putting out albums on Tuesday. Cam'ron and the Diplomats, like McKnight, Lil' Kim, Keith Murray, Joe Buddens, the Cash Money Millionaires, Ludacris and Dru Hill, are among the artists who have been traveling the country as well, performing or promoting new and upcoming albums. Mystikal, Fabolous and Killer Mike have also been taking to the stage for spot dates. Some -- like Fat Joe, LL Cool J and Zwan -- even took the stage Thursday night.

"We're not [going] to stop doing what we do. I'm taking care of my daily schedule," Cam said. "I don't think the other country is going to attack back. They're more long-term enemies. Everybody is stressing right now, but I think you have to be worried in the future. I think the next few weeks may be the safest, so it's regular business for us."

In the next few weeks, 50 Cent, Foxy Brown and Ludacris are all hoping to film new videos, while on Monday DJ Kay Slay is shooting a clip for "Too Much For Me" in New York with Nas, Baby of Cash Money, Foxy Brown and Amerie. On Tuesday and Wednesday, Jewel will go in front of the camera to shoot a clip for her song "Intuitions." Meanwhile, at the end of next week, Missy Elliott will shoot "Back in the Days" with Jay-Z in Miami.

Also next week in Miami, Fabolous, Sean Paul, Beenie Man, Wayne Wonder, Smilez & Southstar, Fat Joe, 50, Cash Money, Busta Rhymes, Ginuwine and the Clipse are all schedule to be a part of BET's "Spring Bling" programming.

Back in New York, Jermaine Dupri is slated to introduce Bone Crusher to Big Apple media during a party. Da Brat will also be in attendance. The taping schedule for Snoop Dogg's new MTV show, "Doggy Fizzle Televizzle," is scheduled to get under way without a hitch.

"I don't really fear war. I don't really fear too much of anything," said Musiq, who has been busy recording. "God is going to take care of everything. That's pretty much all that I fear, is God. You can't spend your life being afraid about something. If it's out of your power, then it's out of your power and you're going to have to deal with whatever comes. I just pray that people would be able to endure it, including myself."

Artists who have altered their schedules include Matchbox Twenty, Kelly Rowland and Blindside. They have either postponed or canceled their European tours due to the increasing unrest overseas. Also, Tenacious D abruptly returned to the United States on Wednesday, canceling a TV appearance abroad. B2K were scheduled to travel to New York next week to do press, but that trip has been put off. Madonna has changed her plans as well. The pop icon recently restructured her new "American Life" video to be more supportive of U.S soldiers.

A bunch of anti-war songs are also on the horizon. Former Rage Against the Machine vocalist Zack de la Rocha released "March of Death" with DJ Shadow and posted it on the Web. Following the Beastie Boys, who recently released the anti-war song "In a World Gone Mad," John Mellancamp has put out "To Washington." Lou Reed just recorded an updated version of his song " Walk on the Wild Side" with producer 7 Aurelius. His reworked tune is a commentary on the war.

Surprisingly, the hip-hop community has not been too vocal so far about the war, at least when it comes to music. However, P. Diddy and Russell Simmons both say star-studded songs are in the works.

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