Kylie Jenner Is The Confirmed Queen Of Snapchat, Duh

I mean, who else is there?

Selena Gomez may be the most followed person on Instagram and Katy Perry may reign over Twitter, but Snapchat is pure Kylie Jenner territory.

Yesterday, Kylie visited Snapchat — where she was given a custom filter, natch — where she confirmed that she’s still “number-one.” She’s not just the top dog by a few followers here or there — they add that it’s “by a longshot.”

Earlier this month, Kim Kardashian revealed that between 8 and 9 million people watch her Snapchat stories, which means even more are watching Kylie sit in various cars, mouthing the words to songs. I have a feeling if I start doing that, I’ll lose the few followers I do have. I’ll leave the lip-synching to the Snapchat professionals.

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