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13 Relatable Tweets That Prove Katy Perry Is The Most Popular Person On Twitter

Your girl hit 90.2 million followers

This holiday weekend, Katy Perry had a lot more to celebrate than just the USA. As of Friday, July 1, she's officially the most followed person on Twitter. Her 90.2 million followers beat out Justin Bieber (84.1 million) and rumored frenemy Taylor Swift (79.1 million).

Perry's response to this oh-so-enviable achievement? "Dang this is tight," she tweeted. Then she kicked back, relaxed, and inspected her nose pore strip for gunk she ripped off her face.

That's right, the singer revealed on Twitter that she spent her Friday night perfecting her skin care routine. And really, this is just the tip of the iceberg with Katy Perry on social media. Observe ...

  1. I wonder, does this skin care fascination mean she's one of those people who secretly digs pimple-popping videos?

  2. My 9-year-old self feels your pain, Katy.

  3. This dial-up sound brings back memories of my parents yelling at me to get off the internet so they could use the phone. The ’90s were a rough time, guys.

  4. Some musical inspiration for Katy's next album, perhaps?

  5. Beyoncé would approve of this Lemonade ritual.

  6. Blame it on the allergies.

  7. Now we know Katy Perry is a neat freak like Monica Geller in Friends or Danny Tanner in Full House.

  8. *ba dum tss*

  9. If anyone can get Twitter to add an edit button, I'd expect the most-followed user could.

  10. Ugh, don't you just hate it when that happens?

  11. Hunger can make a person do insane things.

  12. Let's hope it's not 31.

  13. Thanks for bringing your "Fireworks" to Twitter, Katy!