'You're Being A Sh*tty Friend': Is JWOWW Right About Mike On 'Family Vacation'?

The two are arguing over Angelina...of course

The girls are "mad as hell" at Mike -- and it's giving us major 2010 Jersey Shore vibes.

Tonight's Jersey Shore: Family Vacation saw The Situation facing "the wrath of Angelina" following her sit-down with the meatballs to discuss the leaked wedding speech (yes, we're still talking about this). In between expletives flying from all parties (minus Peanut the dog), Old Mike defended his involvement in her divorce drama.

"Let's be real," he told Ang. "You had multiple sidepieces. They became besties with your husband, and they all wanted to expose you. Do you see how messy this is? Your life is a f*cking dumpster fire."

Responded Angelina: "I'm sorry I'm going through a messy divorce with a guy I trusted and he f*cking lied to me the whole time. He stood there at the altar crying his eyes out. Meanwhile, he knew the whole time he didn’t really love me."

It was only when the Staten Island native started weeping that Mike apologized, acknowledging that he could have done some things better -- like not picking up Chris' phone call.

The Angelina/Mike drama was later discussed when the girls had lunch; Snooki and Deena updated JWOWW on the situation, and Jenni promptly proclaimed she was over Mike's habit of "playing both sides."

"I won't stand for that because that’s fake as f*ck," JWOWW said, adding that Mike can't "be sh*t-talking to us and [then] being nice to the person that you’re sh*t-talking.""My problem with him is, why the f*ck are you pretending to be her friend then? Why are you trying to expose her and then be friends with her? You can’t play dirty and not get dirty." 

Later, she even confronted Mike about her feelings of betrayal.

"I'm hearing that you're talking to Angelina on the side, and you're talking to us about Angelina," she said. "You're pretending to play neutral party; you're not neutral. You're the devil right now. It didn't come from a good place. It came from a place of being friends with the enemy, and that's where I had a problem with it -- playing both sides. You’re being a sh*tty friend."

Mike, however, said he had "to agree to disagree" with JWOWW.

"It's not playing two sides," he argued. "At the end of the day, I've been the Mediation before. And the Mediation is bringing two parties together, and that’s what I’m doing." 

But what do you think -- is Jenni right about Mike? Tell us your thoughts, then tune in next Thursday at 8/7c.

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