Ray J Rep Says He Had No Idea Whitney Houston Was Using Cocaine

Rep for Ray J said he was upset about claims that he was Houston's enabler.

Just hours after the world learned that the Los Angeles County coroner determined that [article id="1679029"]Whitney Houston died[/article]
 as a result of [article id="1681630"]accidental drowning[/article]
 with cocaine use and heart disease as contributing factors, the finger pointing began.

Leolah Brown, the sister of Houston's ex-husband, Bobby Brown, went on the "Dr. Drew"show on HLN on Thursday night and made some salacious allegations aimed at Houston's frequent companion, singer Ray J.

Leolah claimed that she saw Ray J leaving Houston's hotel room in a hurry on the night of her death in February. "I saw Ray J coming out of the hotel, hiding his head, being pushed into the car," she told Drew. "Why? I looked and I said, 'why is he hiding his face?' He's always trying to show his face when he's around Whitney. Why now? Why are you trying to hide now Ray J?"

She went on to allege that Ray J was never Houston's boyfriend, as widely reported, but that he was her "runner boy," and that he often fetched and gave her drugs. Drew said that CNN/HLN could not independently confirm Leolah Brown's claims.

But a spokesperson for Ray J denied the allegations, telling TMZ that he had no knowledge that Houston was using again before her death. Furthermore, the unnamed rep said Ray J was not even with Houston on the day she died, but was in San Diego.

While a final coroner's report is not due for two more weeks, the initial report claims that traces of cocaine were found in Houston's system at the time of death along with anti-anxiety drug Xanax, muscle relaxant Flexeril, marijuana and Benadryl, which officials said played no role in her death.

No cocaine was found in the singer's room when she died, but coroner spokesman Craig Harvey noted that cocaine metabolites were found in her system, leading them to conclude that Houston was a chronic user of the drug. A number of prescription pills were recovered in the Beverly Hills hotel room, but officials from the coroner's office said there wasn't an unusual amount of medication.