Raven’s Kids Take After Their Psychic Mama In The First 'Raven’s Home' Trailer

Visions run in the family

Genetics are weird, and in Raven Baxter's family, they're all the weirder: It's one thing for kids to inherit eye color, physical features, or personality traits from their parents, but it looks like Raven's Home is set to follow the psychic adventures of the That's So Raven star's offspring.

Raven's Home has an all-grown-up Raven Symoné and Anneliese van der Pol reprising their roles as Raven and Chelsea from the original hit Disney Channel series. The first trailer for the show gives us a glimpse into their lives — complete with a couple of mortifying moments, and one involving a pretty creative spin on tennis — and reveals that Raven's son, Booker, has inherited her ability to see into the future.

Booker and his twin sister, Nia, have also apparently take after mom in the sass and silliness departments, which we can clearly see in this quick clip.

No sign of Jonathan McDaniel here, but it's been confirmed that Raven's boyfriend from the prior series is going to return in the spin-off as Booker and Nia's dad. As we don't have the same psychic tendencies as Raven and Booker, we'll just have to wait and see what else is in store for Raven's Home when the series premieres on the Disney Channel on July 21.

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