Meatball In The Middle: Should Snooki Have Kept Her Mouth Shut On 'Family Vacation'?

She says she was just trying to help by getting involved in the Angelina/JWOWW fracas

No matter what sort of drama hits family vacation, one thing's for sure: Snooki always has JWOWW's back.

The best friends' bond was stronger than ever on tonight's Jersey Shore: Family Vacation when Angelina and Jenni found themselves at odds over what really went on that night with Zack (aka 24) in Sin City. Vinny (who was actually there on the night in question) summed it up nicely:

"Any time you're on Jenni's bad side, you're also on Nicole's bad side," he said. "So Nicole starts to text Angelina as Jenni's little attack chihuahua and was like, 'What are you saying about Zack?' Angelina flipped out, and now it's an all-out war. Jenni's now saying Angelina tried to kiss Zack. Angelina's mad that everyone's ganging up on her. It's insane."

Our resident "dirty little hamster" felt especially concerned by the gossip surrounding Zack's "inappropriate" behavior because it threatened to ruin her engagement to Chris. And the meatball's meddling -- note that Snooki wasn't even present in Vegas thanks to her baby watch -- merely stirred the pot further.

"I just feel the tension with me and Nicole and Jenni," Angelina said. "If Jenni doesn't like me, Nicole doesn't like me. If Jenni likes me, Nicole likes me."

Fast forward to the next family gathering -- Deena's baby's baptism -- where Snooki expressed that she was simply "trying to be a friend" to Angelina.

"I texted you to let you know what happened because I black out sometimes. I'm just helping you out and letting you know what I heard," Nicole said.

Never one to mince words, Angelina declared "fake news," stating the obvious: Snooki wasn't even in Vegas at the time.

"You weren't there, so you don't know what really happened," she said. "I feel like you're her best friend, so you're going to get involved. But you're defending someone you shouldn't be defending because you weren't there."

In the words of Snooki, "F*ck me for trying to help her out." But what do you think -- should the meatball have just minded her own business? Or was she just following friend code by keeping Angelina informed? Sound off, and catch an all-new episode next Thursday at 8/7c.

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